Shannon & Larry at The Garden Room in Garden Grove

Today in Talking Wed, we talk to Shannon Jackson; RN, BSN and motivational speaker.

In 100 words (more or less) tell us the story of Shannon and Larry.

Larry and I met at a wedding on July 17th, 2016. It was  my childhood bestfriend’s brother’s wedding. Larry and my best friend Trina are related. Larry  recalled meeting me years earlier and asked if I was a nurse, to which I replied “yes”. He then  asked me if I would come to his class and speak to his class. He teaches a high school Certified Nursing Assistant program and I am a Registered Nurse so he though that I could offer encouragement to his students. He  proceeded  to ask me for my number and texted me two weeks later. He then proceeded to text me every morning with positive quotes.  The texts moved to phone calls and he finally asked me out on a date. I turned him down twice before agreeing to go out. For the record, I never meet with students until a year later during there prom night but by that time we were already engaged. He duped me.

Tell us about the proposal:

We had been officially dating for about 7 months. And it was a very rainy Sunday. At the time I was commuting back and forth between San Diego and Pasadena for work. He asked me to stop by the house before going to San Diego. When I arrived, he asked me to sit down, and made me think he had some bad news. He really played  up the bad news angles. And then he finally sat next to me a pulled out a ring and ask me to marry him. And I said yes.

Purple is such a vibrant color. Is that why you chose it as your featured wedding color?

Purple is one of my favorite colors. It speaks to royalty and looks good on African-American skin tones. Our other colors were black and white with accents of silver

What was the main vibe that you wanted for your wedding ?

We wanted something that was tasteful & classy but not boring   A throwback to the timr when people would get dressed  up for  weddings.

  1. Hair: Ebony Thomas 
  2. Makeup: Rodney Jon
  3. Dress: Chia Lieu Bridal Couture 
  4. Tux : Friar Tux
  5. Cake Baker The Garden Room 
  6. DJ: Memory Maker Entertainment 
  7. Florist : The Garden Room 
  8. Officiant : Reverend Booie 
  9. Photographer: David England Photography