About Me

What does a wedding officiant do after getting her Masters of Anthropology degree? What else? She researches and writes about wedding culture.

Hi, I am Connie Jones-Steward wedding blogger aka Rev, Connie the wedding officiant and ceremony celebrant. When I first became an ordained minister, it was so that I could legally practice the arts of spiritual healing. My first weddings were performed for my healing clients who asked me to officiate their weddings.

In 2006, I wrote my first customized wedding. The bride was none other than myself. I chose to write my own ceremony because I saw it as the best way to blend my husband’s and my different religious beliefs without causing either of our mothers to have palpitations during the ceremony. However I didn’t become a professional officiant until 2010.

After getting married I started graduate school and honed my talents of researching and writing. While in grad school, one of my interests was marriage customs from around the world and of various cultures.

So here I am today; your wedding officiant who is also a wedding blogger. Having been a queen-sized and older bride myself, I am especially interested in featuring the stories of other plus-size, mature brides, so send me your photos and stories. You can access the submission guides by clicking on the “Share Your Event” link at the top of this page.

This blog offers snippets of the services that I offer as a wedding officiant. You can learn all about Rev. Connie the officiant by visiting my full wedding officiant website located at