Nicolle & Tony’s Gondola Getaway In Long Beach

In 100 words (more or less ) tell us the story of Nicolle & Tony

We are two individuals that celebrate each other’s personalities and passions, brought together by our shared, experienced learning about strong lasting relationships. From the first time we met, we’ve held trust paramount which means we are honest about our thoughts and feelings even when it’s not easy. We have a shared love of music, good conversation and spicy food. We don’t see everything the same way, but we appreciate the differences that make us strong as partners.

Tell us about the proposal

We’d been together 7 years, and talked about marriage for about 5. It was important that we both felt the time was right, so this is one area in which we were a little more traditional. I told Tony if he wanted to get married it would be up to him to get us going. He proposed on my birthday weekend in 2018 on a weekend trip with our best friends.

What three words best describe your wedding?

Intimate, intentional, meaningful

Your wedding photos show us a very fun and funky vibe. Tell us more about how your personality influenced your wedding style

We genuinely like each other, and approached the wedding from the viewpoint of being a celebration of each of us that we invited a select few to vs. a party for everyone else. We have found our life partner in each other, and I wanted Tony to love his tux (we had it custom made and he was very particular) as much as I loved my visuals (I made our invitations and had the idea of the parasols from the beginning). I would describe it as elegant goth, and that carried through to our Halloween honeymoon in New Orleans. From start to finish it was exactly what we both wanted without compromise or apology

Why did you choose your venue?

It wasn’t traditional. It wasn’t a church or a party hall. It was an experience for those attending, something they would like to do that would show them our town. It was also romantic…and fit well into my vision of a memorable wedding.

Now, describe how you felt on your big day in more detail.

We had people in town from all over—and it just felt like a big rush to execute what had been a long, well-thought out plan. We got ready together. We arrived together. We had a ceremony that was hand crafted for us by our officiant, and it was really meaningful. I felt proud of us for not giving into the pressures of inviting more people or giving in to tradition or expectations. I felt amazing. It was like a realization that by being together we understood who we were as individuals even more.

Venue: Gondola Getaways

Photographer: David England Photography

Florals: Sweet Pea Florals

Happy National Brownie Day

Image source: Wedding Planner Natalie Stone

It’s National Brownie Day and in honor of the occasion I’ve whipped up a batch of delicious, mouth watering photos of this most decadent of desserts being creatively used in place of the traditional wedding cake. Photo credit provided if known.

Image source: Coco & Bean
Image source: Wicked Cakes
Image source: Wedded Wonderland
Image source: Meadowsweet Cakes

Shannon & Larry at The Garden Room in Garden Grove

Today in Talking Wed, we talk to Shannon Jackson; RN, BSN and motivational speaker.

In 100 words (more or less) tell us the story of Shannon and Larry.

Larry and I met at a wedding on July 17th, 2016. It was  my childhood bestfriend’s brother’s wedding. Larry and my best friend Trina are related. Larry  recalled meeting me years earlier and asked if I was a nurse, to which I replied “yes”. He then  asked me if I would come to his class and speak to his class. He teaches a high school Certified Nursing Assistant program and I am a Registered Nurse so he though that I could offer encouragement to his students. He  proceeded  to ask me for my number and texted me two weeks later. He then proceeded to text me every morning with positive quotes.  The texts moved to phone calls and he finally asked me out on a date. I turned him down twice before agreeing to go out. For the record, I never meet with students until a year later during there prom night but by that time we were already engaged. He duped me.

Tell us about the proposal:

We had been officially dating for about 7 months. And it was a very rainy Sunday. At the time I was commuting back and forth between San Diego and Pasadena for work. He asked me to stop by the house before going to San Diego. When I arrived, he asked me to sit down, and made me think he had some bad news. He really played  up the bad news angles. And then he finally sat next to me a pulled out a ring and ask me to marry him. And I said yes.

Purple is such a vibrant color. Is that why you chose it as your featured wedding color?

Purple is one of my favorite colors. It speaks to royalty and looks good on African-American skin tones. Our other colors were black and white with accents of silver

What was the main vibe that you wanted for your wedding ?

We wanted something that was tasteful & classy but not boring   A throwback to the timr when people would get dressed  up for  weddings.

  1. Hair: Ebony Thomas 
  2. Makeup: Rodney Jon
  3. Dress: Chia Lieu Bridal Couture 
  4. Tux : Friar Tux
  5. Cake Baker The Garden Room 
  6. DJ: Memory Maker Entertainment 
  7. Florist : The Garden Room 
  8. Officiant : Reverend Booie 
  9. Photographer: David England Photography