Stand Up To Cancer On Your Wedding Day

The second Friday of September is Stand Up To Cancer Day; this year it falls in September 8. 2017. Perhaps you are a loved one is dealing with cancer and you’re looking for a way to give a big F**k you to this dreaded condition. There are many ways, both creative and practical, that your wedding can be turned into a platform to Stand Up To Cancer.

1. If you are a cancer survivor bride like Jordan Lambert, you can face the illness head on with boldness and style.  When chemo took her hair, she refused to let it steal her joy and she opted to not camouflage her baldness beneath a wig. Instead she chose to adorn her head with this queenly floral crown during her ceremony.

Later during the reception, she exchanged the crown for a turban. When the heat of  the turban became too much, Jordan showcased her bald head beautifully tattooed with henna by her husband.

Says Jordan “Cancer gave me the opportunity to make beauty from pain. On my wedding day I was a living work of art.” Read Jordan’s complete story at Offbeat Bride. 

2. Donate your wedding gown to The Brides Project.  Undoubtedly you invested a great deal of time, money and emotion into choosing your wedding gown. Now that the wedding day has come and gone you could have a trash the dress photo session or you could take the opportunity to enrich multiple lives by donating your gown to The Brides Project. This charity offers “pre- loved” wedding gowns at a discount to brides and then passes the profits on to cancer research and support charities.

The mission of TBP is to support adults and kids impacted by cancer by ensuring sustainable funding to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor, and to provide brides with a socially-conscious, eco- and budget-friendly option for purchasing their wedding gowns .”For more information, visit  The Brides Project website.

3. Give your guests the option to make donations to cancer research in lieu of wedding gifts.

If you’re  like most of today’s brides and grooms you’ve led established lives before getting married. Therefore you probably don’t need any new kitchen appliances or household items as much as you need to figure out how to deal with the fact that you know have two of everything.

Instead of registering for gifts with a department store, why not create a fundraising page at the Cancer Research Institute’s website? On this page you can set your fundraising goal, describe why CRI is your charity of choice, and track donations. It also allows you to create a page for your cause on Facebook, where your guests can give directly through the social networking site. For more information visit the Cancer Research Institute

4. Give a donation in lieu of or in addition to wedding favors.   For example, take advantage of the American Cancer Society’s Wedding Favors program that enables brides and grooms to purchase scrolls indicating that a donation to the American Cancer Society has been made in honor of their guests in lieu of traditional wedding favors. For more information visit The Hope Shop 

Alternatively,  give a small edible treat dressed with a ribbon or card that states a donation to your charity was made in the guest’s honor.

Photo credit: Truffles For A Cause

5. Sell your unwanted wedding gifts on eBay. 100 per cent of the profits will go to your chosen charity. Ebay makes it easy to unload your unwanted gifts and claims to have raised over $750,000.00 for its roster of charities. The company does charge a per item insertion fee and a final value fee to list your items. However those fees are credited back to you, seller, once the item sells. Visit eBay For Charity for more information.

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