In Memory of My Mother-In-Law

Today I was reading Rev. Judith Guasch’s blog entry about how she plans to donate to cancer research in honor of her stricken friend. All of a sudden it hit me that today is the 2nd anniversary of my mother-in-law Ophelia Burrell Steward’s transition; she died of wide-spread cancer the day before Valentine’s Day 2009.

Then I thought about two of my own friends who have been recently stricken with cancer while still in the prime of their lives; the Universe was compassionate with my two friends and unlike my mother-in-law they went into full remission and are still with us today.

So I decided to emulate Rev. Gaush’s challenge. In honor of my mother-in-law and friends I pledge to donate $10.00 from each wedding  that I perform this year to either cancer research or to an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of cancer survivors. If anyone knows of an example of the latter please let me know.

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