Engagement Season Is Here!

Author: Bridget Mora

It’s that time of year again: engagement season! Running from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, engagement season is the time of the year in which the majority of proposals will be made. Whether you are a prospective groom or a girlfriend hoping to soon be a fiancee, here is what you need to know to make it through engagement season.

First for the men: recognize that this is high season for proposals, and think about how your girlfriend may be feeling about it. If she is the type of woman who has been thinking about marriage (and marrying you!) for a while now, get out there and start shopping for that engagement ring right now. I guarantee you that she is hoping that you will pop the question sometime over the holidays, and if you don’t, her Christmas will definitely be bittersweet. Don’t think that you are doing her a favor by waiting until the hustle and bustle of the holidays has passed before proposing; if she is waiting on pins and needles this well-meaning gesture will be sheer torture to her. Go ahead and ask her!

Traditional ladies will enjoy traditional proposals during engagement season. If you are a romantic, ask her on Christmas Eve while sipping eggnog in the glow of a Christmas tree while watching the flames flicker in the fireplace. Slip a box out from under the Christmas tree and tell her that you have one gift which you would like her to open a day early. Then watch her face light up as she unwraps the tiny jeweler’s box containing the wedding jewelry that will announce your engagement to all who see it. This is the best part of the proposal, but a close second will be when she gets to share the news and show off her ring to her family on Christmas morning.

Another tip for the guys out there: if your gal is a non-traditionalist, she might think a holiday proposal is too cliché. If you have the feeling that this may be the case, avoid popping the question on Valentine’s Day at all costs. This does not have to mean that a winter engagement is out of the question, just that you should take a less conventional approach.

Rather than whipping out the ring when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, ask for her hand in marriage at a less expected time. Remember that you do not have to choose a special holiday on which to propose because the proposal itself will make the day special to her forever. Try asking her to be your wife over a hot cocoa after a ski run, while baking cookies, or while ice skating on your favorite pond. It is always nice to tie the proposal to an activity that the two of you love to share.

And ladies: yes, engagement season is a time when many men propose to their girlfriends. However, even if your guy is planning to pop the question soon, that does not mean that the wedding jewelry will be coming your way sometime between now and Valentine’s Day. Many guys have no idea that this is prime time for marriage proposals, and would have no clue that you are expecting him to drop to one knee any day now. Do not let your holidays be ruined by getting your hopes up before each event only to have them dashed when there is no diamond ring in your Christmas stocking or in your Champagne flute on New Year’s Eve. Just remember that good things come to those who wait, and when you least expect it is when the proposal will come.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marriage-articles/engagement-season-is-here-1565364.html

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Bridget Mora writes for Silverland Jewelry on weddings, etiquette, and jewelry. Read her other articles on wedding jewelry to help you with your wedding plans and gift needs.

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  1. – I love the last frame Tamara, it’s really beilatfuuly lit. I just rediscovered your blog from Chic Weddings in Italy-what a lovely job you did of that destination wedding. Amazing!

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