Eco-Friendly Wedding Ring Choices

This past June I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of a couple who truly embraced the ideas of eco-conciousness and simple living. Their ceremony was small, their friends provided most of the food and they exchanged rings made of coconut wood. They explained that their choice was based on their aversion to mining which they felt was a violation of the earth.

I admit that this was the first time I’d ever heard of or seen wooden wedding rings but the thought of eco-friendly rings has stayed with me. So today I did a little web search and realized that there is an entire industry built around eco-friendly jewelry. I’ve listed a few resource sites here.

Brilliant Earth: Rings made of ethically sourced and recycled gems and metals.

Chicago Joinery: One of a kind wooden wedding rings.

Leber Jewelers: Rings made from reclaimed and other earth friendly sources.

Sumiche Jewelrey Company: The only company in the U.S. using certified Green Gold and Platinum.

Touch Wood Rings: Makers of wooden rings for those who embrace eco-consciousness and simple living

Coconut Jewelry: This environmentally conscious company offers jewelry crafted of organic materials and helps tribal cultures to achieve a presence in the global economy.

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